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Feedback from clients on my approach to trauma healing

I first met Terry at a very precarious time in my life, I had given up on myself, had daily thoughts of ending it all, and felt like I was a prisoner in my own mind. I saw no hope in anything, and knew that had I continued on the trajectory I was on, things would not have ended well. I cannot begin to describe to you the dark place I was in......I had all but given up on the notion of “getting help” or “getting better” when I was introduced to Terry.... Click here for more

- K. N., Canada

Terry has offered powerful support at such a pivotal time in my life. As he guides me through our sessions, he does so with intuition, ease, gentility and wisdom. I have witnessed incredible growth and expansion in my life as a result of this foundational work. I strongly believe that we cannot generate beauty in the world, in the most exquisite forms that we are capable of, without first addressing our internal wounds. And to do so with the support of a trusted guide is a gift. 

- A.M., USA

During COVID I experienced severe depression, and the combined forces of three psychiatrists and two therapists (over time), multitudes of medications, treatments, and  in- and out-patient programs were not helping. Terry introduced me to IFS, and to my great surprise was IFS the one approach that helped, and it helped extremely well and consistently. At that point I concluded that modern medicine had failed me, got rid of my last psychiatrist, and stopped putting chemicals in my body that were not helping. I started focusing more on IFS with Terry, not just to help with depression but also all of my childhood traumas causing insomnia, anxiety, loneliness, and overwhelm.

- W.D., USA

Terry exudes warmth and understanding in our sessions together. He has helped me identify and relate to my parts in a healthy way. The process almost feels magical, and I can't recommend him enough!

- M.J., USA

Terry is wonderful to work with. He has a very calming presence that combined with his knowledge and compassion create an environment where I feel comfortable discussing and working through difficult topics and emotions. He always has helpful suggestions and is very willing to be flexible and adapt our sessions to best meet my needs. He genuinely cares about helping people to heal and to find their best way forward.

- H.J., USA

My brain feels like a bad neighborhood - I don’t want to go there, and I certainly don’t want to go there alone. Terry goes into that neighborhood with me, holding my hand and reassuring me it’s safe, making my problem areas less threatening so we can work on them and get to the bottom of what is really behind them. I have no idea why I got so lucky to meet someone so passionate about helping people and willing to work with me!

- D.B., Germany

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