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When we relate to the many parts of our mind from a place of compassion, curiosity, and clarity - from what IFS refers to as the Self - we are engaging in what I call Authentic Self-Relating. Through this powerful practice, we get to know ourselves in a deeper way than is otherwise possible. 

Our inner family is often conflicted, embattled, and at war with itself. By getting to know it from an open place, we find that even the parts of us that we don't like - that we've tried to fight against, ignore, or push away - are valuable members of our inner community. 

Authentic Self-Relating is something that can be done at any time, and like anything else it gets easier with practice. It's particularly powerful in groups, where the collective energy of the group often aids the process. I facilitate in-person and online workshops to guide participants to discover themselves, discover the beautiful intelligence of their minds, and to form relationships with their parts. By engaging with ourselves in this way, we come to see our true selves very differently. The perspective shift is often quite profound.


Workshops consist of exploring the nature of trauma, how it impacts the many parts within each of us, and how we can form compassionate relationships with our parts to help them heal. After introducing the group to IFS's unique way of looking at the mind, we move into experiental exercises to guide everyone through discovering some of their parts, as well as forming initial relationships with them. I encourage some brief shares by those who are willing to do so, followed by Q&A as time permits.

Contact me if you're interested in learning more.

Authentic Self-Relating

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